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CU Boulder’s Commitment to Sustainable Business Practices

For decades, the University of Colorado Boulder has stood at the forefront of sustainability in higher education, supporting on-campus initiatives, advanced research, and academic programs that respond to the need for responsible engagement with our natural resources. We strive to persistently encourage our students to pursue innovative conservation methods, helping them develop a thorough understanding of how best to integrate sustainable business practices into the working world.

Our commitment to fostering the development of tomorrow’s leaders in sustainability begins with our students. Since its establishment in 1970, the student-led Environmental Center has effectively coordinated the ecological efforts of the academic community in Boulder, creating and executing new initiatives while engaging the student body. The EC also provides direct services to the university community, including recycling, public transportation, and various renewable energy and conservation programs. This brand of direct student involvement sets the stage for our ongoing aspirations towards complete carbon neutrality, promoting a hands-on approach to the development of new programs. The University of Colorado Boulder is proud to facilitate the successful heritage of student leadership that the Environmental Center demonstrates.

In order to match the dedication of our students, we’ve sought to provide our academic community with all the information and resources they need to pursue their own projects, as well as understand their positive impact on both Boulder and the surrounding ecosystems. To do this, we established the Office of Sustainability, which works tirelessly to track the incentives and benefits available to local buildings, explore potential investments in sustainable practices, and report on the annual performance of all on- and off-campus programs.

Additionally, CU Boulder has relentlessly pursued and supported the best in scientific research in an effort to help shape the future of sustainable business practices and renewable energy. Working in partnership with prestigious research centers and organizations, our findings have resulted in numerous dramatic discoveries in the fields of energy production, waste reduction, and conservation.

Students enrolled in our sustainability programs, both online and not, create a connection to this network of leaders in environmental stewardship – starting with our esteemed faculty. Each of our faculty members carries a background of practical, real-world experience navigating this complex, essential space in addition to their experience as educators.

Our commitment to the development of our students, our community, and our own understanding of the demands of an ecologically-volatile world is what makes the University of Colorado Boulder a true leader in sustainability. For anyone looking to develop their understanding of sustainable business practices – techniques that can be applied directly to any government agency, charitable organization, corporation, or small business – CU-Boulder’s online sustainability program presents the perfect opportunity to learn to lead any workplace to greater ecological efficiency while maintaining positive profitability and growth.

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